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  • Le cercle des Créatures Terriennes

Portrait of a member

Hello, my name is Louis and I am 21 years old, I live in Saint-Etienne. I am a member of the association Les créatures terriennes.

We compost, in our house since the winter of 2021. Our compost box is a cardboard recovery box (Dimension: 30 cm X 44 cm X 16 cm)

We covered our compost box with a nice fabric to be able to protect it from midges.

To prepare our compost, we used coconut fiber as well as wood ash. We have not yet recovered much compost but in the future this compost will feed the indoor plants as well as some plants that are in our garden.

We currently feed it once a week. I cook especially on weekends. While waiting to put the waste in the box, we store the waste in a small bucket to be able to measure the amount of waste that will be added to the box.

There are three of us at home, since we started composting it has allowed us to significantly reduce our amount of waste. We have seen a real difference since the beginning of the year where our plant waste has greatly decreased and therefore subsequently the size of our garbage cans.

To protect it from insects it is essential to put a fabric on the box. We installed our box in our living room, we had no problem with bad smell.

For me, the most important gesture to the success of composting is to bury the right weight of waste in the compost without putting too much.

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