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  • Le cercle des Créatures Terriennes

A local and urban alternative for dry or carbonaceous matter

Walk in Paris on the morning of July 14, 2021, last night there were heavy rains. On the ground, some leaves with autumnal colours and especially plane tree bark.

The bark and leaves have already dried by the end of the morning. I pick up some of them in the bag I had planned for my market. Paris is deserted, where are the traders?

Back home, I crumble the leaves and pieces of bark and then put them in a bag of fabric that I usually use for bulk and make powder thanks to the rolling pin that I reserve for my darling's late and alcoholic returns to our home.

The plane tree bark, the emblematic tree of cities, crumbled very easily and does not generate dust, which is very practical when you indulge in this little DIY session in an apartment.

I also added some dry and crumbled flower petals.

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