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January 7, 2021

At the start of the compost, we can deposit waste on 60% of the mixture of brown matter (plant fiber) and gray matter (ash or charcoal) then cover them completely with a handful of the remaining 40% of the mixture. The following week, we start again in the same way and so on until all the mixture (100%) is poured into the composter.

Regular addition of pieces of waste

Once all of the brown and gray mixture has been poured into the compost bin, you can begin to proceed according to the instructions below each week.

First, mix the compost carefully so that it is as homogeneous as possible. If necessary, break up the moist clods of "earth" with a shovel (or a tablespoon) and throw the waste buried by mistake (plastic, metal, etc.) out of the compost bin and cut the large pieces that do not. have not yet composted.


- Make a hole and place the pieces in it.

- Cover the pieces with the mixture. If necessary, form a small mound in this way.

- Cover the box to avoid midges.

Final recommendations: wear a dust mask when mixing the compost and aerate the room 5 to 15 minutes after mixing the compost.

If white, hairy mold appears, mix the compost well. Any bad odors are also linked to insufficient ventilation. To remedy this, mix even more carefully than usual, for example by inserting a shovel vertically into the compost and letting the air in.

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