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January 7, 2021

After a few months of feeding the compost, we can remove a little material and use it as mulch.

Mulch protects the soil surface from erosion, compaction, drying out, overheating in summer, frost in winter. The effects of mulching are also the maintenance of good humidity in summer and the limitation of weeds.

If this compost is poured onto the soil of the plants, it will serve as a fertilizer for them, turning into ripe compost in a few weeks. Allow a maximum of eight weeks for a plant watered once a week.

Here, mulching has the same function as that of leaf litter in the forest, under which life abounds which, little by little, transforms the leaves into humus. You can reproduce this mechanism. With year-round mulch, you help enrich the soil. We can talk about nutritious mulch.

As a replacement for the collected mulch, you can add brown matter to your compost bin. The duration of the compost box (from a few months to a few years) and the quality of the compost depend on what you replace with the collected mulch. Materials that slowly compost can take up to two years to break down: wood chips, branches, corn stalks, nut shells. Conversely, shredded paper or cardboard confetti compost easily and quickly.

Aloe Vera Plant
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